• Heavy duty shelves at logistics center
    SL100 pallet rack in a logistics centre

Heavy duty / pallet warehouses

Whether it is a high-quality heavy duty industrial store, pallet racks for logistics or just a storage warehouse for heavy goods: The SL100 heavy duty shelves from Brass meet the demands of numerous important applications. Shelf heights of up to 12 m, up to 4200 kg shelf load (depending on the version) and a comprehensive range of accessories make it a shelf system for professionals from many different sectors – in a design that is safe, suitable for fork lift truck operation and complies with the standards.

For long materials, the SF3 cantilever rack with up to 4000 kg per stand (outdoor area version) is the correct solution. Brass also provides roofed shelving systems for outdoor areas. Our shelved warehouses are also heavy duty/pallet racks: They are based on the SL100 heavy duty shelf and provide generous space for fork lift trucks and similar vehicles.

Shelving systems for heavy duty / pallet warehouses

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