Repair and recycling

Brass repair service

For safety reasons, damaged shelf parts must not be repaired yourself. If there are any deformations (e.g., if a shelf column is driven into by a fork lift truck), we can offer you a damage assessment and any necessary repairs. Heavily damaged parts must not continue to be used.

Replacement parts

Our shelving systems are used for the long term, for many years. You can receive components for your shelves in the future, e.g., for replacing damaged parts or for extending or expanding your shelving unit.

Shelves as good as new

Brass’s shelves are very durable thanks to their sturdy material and high-quality surfaces. Nevertheless, over the years the shelves may become scratched and dented due to intensive loads, and these do not look attractive on a shop floor for example. Or perhaps you would prefer a different colour for your shelves.

We have set up Brass’s shelf recycling service for such cases. Your stands, crossbeams and small parts are primered, brought up to the latest technical condition and covered in a new powder coating. Then they really are as good as new. Parts that cannot be used anymore are scrapped and left to rejoin the raw materials cycle.

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