• SL100 heavy duty outdoor installation
    Large roofed shelving unit from the SL100 heavy duty shelf

Outdoor shelving

Brass also provides various storage systems for outdoor areas. All shelves have been galvanised to be weatherproof and are designed for use outdoors. Our tried and tested roof system will protect your stored goods; we can also attach additional wall panelling upon request. During planning, we design the statics of the construction to accommodate rain, snow and wind pressures.

SL100 heavy duty shelf

If you are looking for a versatile and load-bearing storage system for an outdoor area, then the SL100 heavy duty shelf from Brass is your first choice. With its profile system and reinforced cross members, a maximum bay load of up to 15 tonnes is possible. A variety of heights, depths and widths, a large range of accessories and comprehensive service ensure professional operation as a heavy duty shelf or pallet rack in an outdoor area.

Outdoor retail shelves are also not a problem: Brass can offer galvanised shelving racks, mountings and safety elements. The SL100 is therefore the optimal solution for garden centres and building material retail with outdoor goods presentations.

SF3 cantilever rack

If there are rack columns in the way, for example with beams or bar stock, we recommend the SF3 cantilever rack. In its outdoor version, the stands are 6 m high, the rack is hot-dip galvanised and can be roofed upon request. The robust construction with extra strong feet make it possible to load up to 4000 kg for each side of the stand, i.e., 8000 kg per stand for double-sided shelves.

The SF3 rack can also be used for warehouse operations with fork lift trucks or retail shelves. The tested design, grating compartments, anti-roll locking devices, anti-tilt assemblies etc. provide protection for your employees and customers.

Shelved warehouses

We create large closed storage units with our shelved warehouses based on the SL100 heavy duty shelves. In the standard version, the warehouse length is 8.90 m; additional shelf bays can be attached as desired. The roof and the side panelling on all sides protect the interior and your goods from the weather. The shelves themselves can be designed according to your requirements, e.g., as pallet storage with 3 storage levels per bay.

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