• LEO workshop shelf
    Warehouse shelving that last and can be rebuilt any number of times: The quality of LEO shelves pays dividends

Small companies and private

You don’t require complex shelving planning? Rather, you are looking for a good shelving system that you can adapt to your requirements and that you can assemble yourself? The standard DIY shop level of quality is not good enough for you? Then Brass’ LEO shelving systems are the perfect solution for you. You can find all information and components for your personal shelving in the LEO online shop. Alongside the shelves, there is also the LEO carport; it, too, has been designed for self-assemblers.

In addition to these standard systems, Brass creates customised storage solutions for your company: Craftspeople’s shelves, e.g., for carpentry, glazier’s workshops or electrical fitters, panel storage, pallet racks, small part storage, specialised cantilever racks in all sizes and various panel racks, trolleys, movable tables etc. supplement the shelving product range. Ask our sales team:

Shelving systems for small companies and private

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