• CC cantilever rack wood storage
    The CC cantilever rack is our storage system for long goods in interior spaces

CC cantilever rack

Safe and easily accessible storage of long goods

The CC cantilever rack is used for storing light- and medium-weight goods indoors, such as logs, pipes or metal elements. We provide it as a one-sided version (CC3 stands) and as a two-sided version (CC4). The maximum loading is 2000 kg on each side of the stand, i.e., 4000 kg for the two-sided shelves.

As cantilever racks, as shelving racks, as a fork lift truck storage system

In the standard version with a 1.50 m bay width, 5 m height and 1.20 m arm length, the CC cantilever rack is a perfect cantilever storage system for long goods. As the manufacturer, Brass can provide you with the option to adjust the shelves to your requirements with individual sizes, arm lengths and colours. Shelf compartments can be created by inserting grating and they can also be used for pallets, cartons and bulk goods.

As a professional system, the CC shelf has of course been designed for stacker operation and it complies with the statutory regulations. Brass provides a comprehensive level of service, including planning, construction and annual shelving inspections.

Technical information

  • Stable storage system, one-sided and two-sided version
  • Hole profile with 100 mm grid, simple plug-in assembly using bolts, can be subsequently changed at any time
  • Loading: for each side of shelves 1500 kg on the cantilever arms + 500 kg on the feet
  • Standard sizes: Height: 2000, 4000 and 5000 mm; arm length: 1200 mm (standard), 800, 950 mm; individual dimensions upon request
  • Bay width: 1500 mm (axial distance); min. 2 shelf bays required
  • Standard colours: Window grey, orange; individual powder coating in RAL colours upon request

You can find more detailed information in the brochure.

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