• Brass shelved warehouse
    Brass shelved warehouse, version with 6 shelf bays

Shelved warehouses

Storing goods outdoors

With its shelved warehouse system, Brass offers a flexible solution for storing your goods outside. Industrial and workshop businesses can create temporary additional storage capacity with this economic storage system. The shelved warehouses are also suitable as a permanent solution, for example, for the work materials for landscape gardeners or construction companies.

The Brass shelved warehouse system

Brass shelved warehouses are based on the proven SL100 heavy duty shelf. The tin roof and the side panelling on all sides protect the interior and your goods from the weather and also provide sufficient daylight via the transparent surfaces. If requested, the warehouse can also be closed with a double gate (accessory).

The standard version of the shelved warehouse consists of 3 shelf bays with total space for 54 pallets, which can be extended by further shelf bays (minimum size: 2 shelf bays). The shelves themselves can be designed according to your requirements, e.g. as pallet storage with 3 storage levels per bay or as shelving racks with grating. There is sufficient free space between the shelves for working with fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and even for lorries.

Brass also offers a full service, from planning and structural calculations to construction, training and shelf servicing.

Technical information

  • Shelves: SL100 heavy duty shelf made of galvanised steel; height 400 cm, bay width 270 cm, shelf depth 110 cm
  • Shelf load: 2000 kg; max. bay load up to 4000 kg
  • Warehouse size: Height (gable) 450 cm, width 730 cm; drive width: 465 cm (with gate: 460 cm); other dimensions upon request
  • Standard size: 3 shelf bays each 270 cm with total space for 54 pallets; total warehouse length: 890 cm
  • Extension: Per shelf bay 270 cm with space for 18 pallets; additional warehouse length: 280 cm
  • Wall, roof: Trapezoidal sheet metal, PVC trapezoidal transparent roofing sheets
  • Scope of delivery: Per bay 3 storage levels with 2 pairs of cross members, 12 x support bars, 2 x push-through guards; gutters, drainpipes
  • Optional accessories: Double gate, washers for height adjustment, extra shelf panels, storage levels from grid shelf elements and lowered support bars

You can find more detailed information in the brochure.

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