Installation and operation training

Shelving installation training

Even though our shelving systems are very easy to handle, some background knowledge is required for the construction of a large shelving unit for industrial use or in areas accessible to the public: Structural analysis, floor anchoring, building regulations and so on.

We pass on our expertise. To our certified installation partner companies who assemble your new shelving unit. And also to your company’s internal installation teams, if you so request. These group training courses are effective and fun! They also ensure safety if you rebuild your shelving every now and then.

User training

Even safe shelving systems have to be handled correctly – after all, they are continually subjected to large weight movements. Our user training courses are not mandatory, but they do, however, increase the safety of your operational procedures and provide your employees with the necessary specialist knowledge for shelving safety:

  • Correct loading and unloading of the shelves
  • Correct weight distribution
  • Load limits: maximum shelf loads and bay loads
  • Information about alterations to existing shelving
  • Correct measures after accidents
  • Weekly visual inspection of the shelving units


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